The demographic questionnaire is often a mixture of both close-ended and open-ended questions. It is intended to gather as much demographic details as is possible using succinct, unambiguous and clear questions. While designing the questionnaire, the research company ensures that the chances of the questions having different meanings to different people are minimized. This means that the questionnaire is designed with specifics in mind. While gauging the frequency of something done in the society for example, the questionnaire will avoid the use of adjectives like often, sometimes or rarely and instead use quantifiable choices such as once, twice, thrice or never.

Q1. Gender

Male  Female

Q2. Age_____

Q3. Marital status





Q4. How many people (including you) live in your house? _____

Q5. What is the highest education you have attained?

High school diploma

College diploma

Bachelor’s degree

Master’s degree


Q6. What is your current employment standing?


In a part time job

Looking for a job

Self employed


Q7. What is the total annual income in your household?

Please indicate $_____

Q8. Please provide the background details of children under your care below

Name____________________ Age_____________ sex___________ DOB______

Q9. What is your relationship to the children?

Biological parent  Adoptive parent   Foster parent

Parent’s partner  Step parent  Other (please state)

Q10. How many children are in school? ___________. State their current education levels below





Q11. Do you enlist any outside help in taking care of the children? (Depending on whether married, divorced, separated or single)