cystic fibrosis questionnaire is a device that is used to measure quality of life for people aged fourteen years and above although it has also been made available for children and their parents as well.

cystic fibrosis questionnaire consists of large number of questions that are placed on specific scales.

Cystic fibrosis is a genetic ailment of the pancreas. It is also a largely fatal disease in countries that are industrialized. However with increased research and understanding using the cystic fibrosis questionnaire, many lives are being saved and children who have this disease can now grow up into adulthood.

Sample Cystic Fibrosis Questionnaire

  1. Explain Cystic Fibrosis as you understand it._______________________________________________________________
  2. How does it come about in people?_______________________________________________________________
  3. Explain how you can know that you are suffering from cystic fibrosis.______________________________________________________________
  4. Is the illness curable or terminal?_____________________________________________________________
  5. According to research how long can a person living with cystic fibrosis live?_______________________________________________________________
  6. Being a cystic fibrosis patient, tell us about a day in your life.________________________________________________________________
  7. Are there therapies and treatments that have been made available for patients with CF?______________________________________________________________
  8. What test have you taken part in?_______________________________________________________________
  9. Which glands are affected by the cystic fibrosis disease?_______________________________________________________________
  10. How does cystic fibrosis affect pregnant women?_______________________________________________________________
  11. True or false. Genotype does not predict how severe Liver or lung disease is. Please give an explanation for your answer._______________________________________________________________
  12. Although symptoms of cystic fibrosis disease vary from person to person, there are certain symptoms that are common to all. List these.______________________________________________________________
  13. List places where people suffering from CF can get the best care.______________________________________________________________