The cystic fibrosis quality life questionnaire is used to measure a patients quality of life. The cystic fibrosis quality life questionnaire determines the disease’s impact in relation to a person’s daily function. Patients suffering from cystic fibrosis (CF) undergo dysfunctions and complex treatments, which impact their quality of life.

The cystic fibrosis quality life questionnaire is self administered and they are used as part of the processes of determining the areas of concern for the patients with CF.

Other processes include carrying out of unstructured interviews, having consultations, literature review and examination of all other health related quality of life measures (HRQoL).

Sample Cystic Fibrosis Quality Life Questionnaire

  1. Explain the relationship between health related quality of life has and cystic fibrosis.________________________________________________________________
  2. What is your understanding of the term health related quality of life?________________________________________________________________
  3. What factors other than the severity of the cystic fibrosis disease is responsible for the change in the quality of life?______________________________________________________________
  4. What things can you say have had the greatest effect on your quality of life?____________________________________________________________
  5. Describe your emotional well being over the last week._______________________________________________________________
  6. Have you had to change your life goals due to the cystic fibrosis disease? If so please give details of how you felt about the choice.______________________________________________________________
  7. What physical ailments have been worse for you this past week? List them in order of severity.______________________________________________________________
  8. How has being sick affected you this week?______________________________________________________________
  9. Considering all areas of your life, that is emotional. Spiritual, physical and financial, how would you describe your quality of life?______________________________________________________________