A customer testimonial questionnaire is one that is obtained from a customer to receive testimony about the products and services offered. This questionnaire is ideal to seek the proof of appropriate products or services of a company that a customer has availed earlier. Also this questionnaire acts a good source of feedback for the company so that it can maintain the standards according to the customer opinion.

Sample Customer Testimonial Questionnaire

Name : ________________________

Address : ______________________

Contact No : ____________________

Email id : _____________________

1. Can you please provide us with a reason from the following options to choose our company?

m) High efficiency.

n) Quality.

o) Cost effectiveness

p) Good service


2. Please provide details of the kind of service availed by you from our company?



3. Please mention your level of satisfaction obtained from the following choices after availing service from our company?

i) High.

j) Low.

k) Average.

l) Above average.


4. Please choose the duration of association you have had with our company?

i) Less than 1 year

j) Less than 2 years

k) Less than 3 years

l) Less than 5 years


5. Do you think you will continue to avail services of our company in future as well?

a. Yes

b. No


6. Please brief your experience about customer service and management with us.



7. Would you recommend the services offered by our company to others as well?

m) Yes.

n) No

o) Not sure


8. If you do not wish to avail the services of our company in future please specify the reason for the same?

d) Inefficiency

e) Costly service

f) Delayed service

g) Better options elsewhere

h) Others


9. Did you undergo any kind of trouble when availing services from our company?

j) No

k) Yes


10. Please rate your overall experience with our company?

i) Excellent.

j) Average.

k) Satisfactory.

l) Poor.