A customer questionnaire template serves as a basis for a customer questionnaire through which the responses of customers regarding a product or service may be known. A customer’s views are very important for any company which makes them improve the quality of their product or service ad stay ahead of competition.

Sample Customer Questionnaire Template:

Name: _______________________ [Name of the person taking the questionnaire]

Address: ___________ [Address of the person]

Phone Number: ________________ [Phone Number of the person]

Email ID: ___________ [Email Id of the person]

Age: _________

Gender: __________

1)   On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate your experience with our company with one being least satisfied? ________

2)   Why do you feel that way? Please explain. __________

3)   How likely are you to recommend our product to others?

a)   Very likely

b)   Somewhat likely

c)   Not likely

d)   Very unlikely

4)   Please tell us why you would or would not do that. __________

5)   On a scale of 1 to 10, please rate our sales representatives on the following categories.

a)   Knowledge of product

b)   Professionalism

c)   Understanding my requirements

d)   Behaviour

6)   Please give your suggestions on how we can improve our product. ________

7)   What do you feel about the price of our product?

a)   Too high

b)   High

c)   OK

8)   How long have you been using our products?

9)   How frequently do you use our product?

10)               How would you rate our customer care service in terms of professionalism, speed of service and general behaviour? _______

11)               What according to you can we do to improve our customer care service? _____

12)               What do you feel about our company’s after-sales service? ____