A customer needs assessment questionnaire is one that is used by a company to identify the requirements of customer for products or services in a specific category. This questionnaire helps to assess the requirements of existing and new customers as well. As the questionnaire aims to obtain sector specific results from a targeted set of customers the results are mostly accurate and very useful for companies to take decisions accordingly.

Sample Customer Needs Assessment Questionnaire

Name of the customer _____________________________

Customer address _____________________________

Customer email id _____________________________

Customer contact number _____________________________

Customer age _____________________________

Customer gender _____________________________

1. Do you think that companies should manufacture products after getting the opinion of customers?

a. Yes

b. No


2. What are the factors that influence you to buy products of a specific company?

a. Affordable price

b. Easy availability

c. Best features

d. Good discounts and offers


3. Do you think that companies are pushing the products they manufacture without finding out the actual requirement of customers?

a. Yes

b. No


4. Which media source do you rely on to obtain information about a specific product that you want to buy?

a. Television

b. Newspaper

c. Online sources

d. Word of mouth from known sources


5. How can companies ensure that the requirements of customers are met before manufacturing products or modifying features of existing products?

a. Obtain feedback

b. Provide sample products

c. Conduct a survey

d. Conduct door to door campaigns


6. What are the aspects that customers usually look for when buying branded products?

a. Good cordial relationship of sales staff

b. Honest and reliable products

c. Providing accurate information about products

d. Seeking opinion of customer about products


7. Do you think companies should concentrate on building better relationship with customers so that there is long term need satisfaction for both?

a. Yes

b. No