For every company, whether manufacturing firms or retail companies, customers are very important.  To keep customers happy and satisfied, it is the responsibility of companies to find out what the customers like and what their expectations are from products or services.  To find this out, customer interview questionnaires are framed. A customer interview questionnaire is a kind of a questionnaire which analyses the feedback of customers about the products or services and then an evaluation is made on the basis of the answers given.  Given below is one such sample of a customer interview questionnaire which can be used by anyone for reference.

Sample customer interview questionnaire

  • Name of customer:
  • Age of customer:
  • Gender of customer:
  • Email address of customer:
  • Contact number of customer:

Kindly answer all of the following given questions in the spaces provided against them.

  1. Where did you come to know about this company from?


a)      Newspaper ad

b)      Magazine ad

c)      Social media

d)     Friends

e)      Other(please specify)


  1. Have you ever used the company’s products or services before?

a)      Yes

b)      No


  1. If yes, then what is your opinion about the company’s products?

a)      The products are high in quality

b)      The products are mediocre in quality

c)      The products are below average in quality


  1. Would you recommend the company’s products to another person?

a)      Yes

b)      No


  1. Are you satisfied with the customer service of the company?

a)      Yes

b)      No


  1. If no, then what exactly are your complaints with the customer service?

a)      Service is slow

b)      Service is not dedicated enough

c)      Staff is not attentive enough

d)     Staff is not co-operative


  1. What is your opinion about the after sales service of the company?

a)      The after sales services are excellent

b)      The after sales services are average

The after sales services are below standard