An effective customer feedback survey questionnaire is a measure to gauge the perceptions of the customers regarding a particular business. This has to be drafted specially focusing on certain indispensable parameters so that performance of the business and how well it could meet the expectation of the targeted audience could be measured profusely.

Essentially, this kind of questionnaire also includes survey of customer feedback on some other factors like staff responsiveness, service promptness and understanding of the customer’s problem and need. A sample of such questionnaire is given below for reference.

Sample Customer Feedback Survey Questionnaire

Name of the person taking the questionnaire:

Contact Details of the person taking the questionnaire:

Address of the person taking the questionnaire:

Age of the person taking the questionnaire:

Q1. Since how long you have been using the products/services of our company?

  • Since 1 month
  • More than 6 months
  • More than a year
  • If, other please specify?


Q2. From where did you get the information about our products/services?

  • Newspaper
  • Magazine
  • Radio
  • TV
  • Internet
  • If any other source, please mention

Q3.What do you like the most about our products/services?

  • Quality
  • Price
  • Looks
  • Prompt service
  • Availability
  • All of the above
  • If any other please mention?

Q4. How satisfied are you with our products/services?

  • Completely satisfied
  • Somewhat satisfied
  • Not satisfied
  • Highly dissatisfied

Q5. In comparison to product/services of other brands where do you think we lack?

  • In price segment
  • Quality
  • Looks and design
  • Availability
  • If any other, please mention

Q6. Do you recommend our products/services to your friends and relatives?

  • Yes, always
  • At times
  • No

Q7. What changes in our product/services according to you would help us to enhance your satisfaction levels?