A customer experience questionnaire aims to identify the experience that a customer had with an organization. As customers are the most important factors for the success of a business this questionnaire aims to identify the various aspects of customer satisfaction. It also helps to bring down the negative factors that were responsible for dissatisfaction of the customer. This questionnaire is of utmost importance for the service oriented organizations as customer satisfaction plays a very vital role in sustanence of business.

Sample customer experience questionnaire

Name of customer ______________________________

Address of customer ______________________________

Contact number of customer _____________________________

Email address of customer _____________________________

Age of the customer _____________________________

Gender of the customer _____________________________

1. For how long you have been a customer with our organization?

a. One year

b. Two years

c. Three years

d. More than three years


2. Were you received promptly by our customer service staff in a friendly manner when you entered our office?

a. Yes

b. No


3. What do you think about the speed of service that was provided to you at our office for the service you came in for?

a. Extremely fast

b. Somewhat fast

c. Somewhat slow

d. Extremely slow


4. What do you feel about the process to obtain service from our organization from the following options?

a. Extremely easy

b. Somewhat easy

c. Somewhat difficult

d. Extremely difficult


5. Did you face any problem with any of the service availed by you at any point of time in our organization?

a. Yes

b. No


6. How was the response of our organization in resolving your problem?

a. Extremely effective

b. Somewhat effective

c. Somewhat ineffective

d. Extremely ineffective


7. What is your overall rating about the services of our organization?

a. Extremely satisfied

b. Somewhat satisfied

c. Somewhat dissatisfied

d. Extremely dissatisfied


8. Would you recommend our organization to others for the services offered by us?

a. Yes

b. No