A customer engagement survey questionnaire is one that is used to understand the long term commitment of customers with a company. This questionnaire helps to assess the pattern of selection made by the customers in choosing products and services. Also this questionnaire is useful in assessing the loyalty of customers towards a particular organization.

Sample Customer Engagement Survey Questionnaire

Name of the customer ___________________________________________

Address of the customer ___________________________________________

Email id of customer ___________________________________________

Contact number of customer ___________________________________________

Date of birth of the customer ___________________________________________

Gender of the customer ___________________________________________

1. Please let us know the time period since when you have been buying the products of our company?

a. One year

b. Two years

c. Three years

d. More than five years


2. Please provide your levels of satisfaction in correlation to the products offered by our company as given below?

a. Extremely satisfied

b. Somewhat satisfied

c. Somewhat dissatisfied

d. Extremely dissatisfied


3. Do you think the products of our company always provide value for money?

a. Yes always

b. Sometimes

c. Rarely

d. Never


4. Are you likely to change your buying pattern and switch to products offered by other companies?

a. Yes

b. No


5. If you have answered yes to the above question please specify the reason for switching purchase from our company to another?

a. Pricing

b. Availability

c. Product features

d. Packing


6. Are you likely to recommend the products of our company to others?

a. Yes very likely

b. Somewhat likely

c. Not so likely

d. No never


7. Do you think your queries related to the product are always answered up to your satisfaction?

a. Yes always

b. Sometimes

c. Rarely

d. Never


8. Do you believe in being loyal to buying the products of a particular company and will not move to another company for any reason?

a. Yes

b. No