Understanding customer behavior is crucial for every business organization or a retail firm.  For this purpose, customer behavior questionnaire are framed by companies or organizations.  These questionnaires are framed with the aim of understanding the way customers act when buying products or using them. These questionnaires help firms decide their marketing or production strategies so that they can attract more customers, thereby better overall revenue. A customer behavior questionnaire consists of multiple questions which can be either subjective in nature or objective in nature. The following is a sample of a customer behavior questionnaire which can be used for reference purpose.

Sample customer behavior questionnaire

  • Name of the customer:
  • Age of the customer:
  • Gender of the customer:
  • Contact number of the customer:
  • Email ID of the customer:

The following is a customer behavior questionnaire. Kindly answer all of the following given questions in the spaces provided:

  1. Have you ever engaged in online shopping before?


a)      Yes

b)      No

  1. If yes, then choose the kinds of products you generally shop for?

a)      electronics

b)      footwear

c)      bags and purses

d)     clothes

e)      home utility

f)       home furnishings

g)      Smartphones

h)      Books

i)        Other(please specify)


  1. Do you conduct market research or compare different companies or products before doing online shopping?

a)      Yes, always

b)      Yes, sometimes

c)      No

  1. Do you pay attention to advertisements or consider them while doing online shopping?

a)      Yes

b)      No

  1. Is the reliability of online shopping portals important for you?

a)      Yes,

b)      Yes, but it is not the primary factor

c)      No, I don’t consider it

  1. Do you prefer cash on delivery or online payment?

a)      Cash of delivery

b)      Online payment

  1. Do you prefer online shopping over physical shopping and consider it more comfortable?


a)      Yes, I prefer online shopping

b)      No, I don’t prefer online shopping