In today’s competitive era the most important thing for a business is to maintain the quality of their products and keep updating their products according to change in consumer behavior. There are so many alternatives available in market unlike older days when only few companies were the pioneer in a particular business; therefore companies have to monitor the change in the attitude of consumers and plan their strategies according to the change in consumer preferences.

Companies use survey method to get an idea of customers’ attitude now days.  This survey can be held online as well as offline. It may be sent through mails or physical survey to several customers.

Sample Customer Attitude Survey Questionnaire:

Name:                     _________________

Address:                _________________

Email Id:                _________________

Contact No.          _________________

Work place:          _________________

Gender              (A) MALE                (B) FEMALE

Work Status:

A) Working         B) Housewife         C) Student        D) Self Employed       E) Unemployed

Q1. Since how long you have been our customers?

A)    Less than 6 months

B)    6 months to 2 years

C)    More than 2 years

D)    Not a customer

Q2. Why did you choose our products over others?

A)     Good quality

B)     Cheap price

C)     Customer support

D)     Purchase experience

E)     All of above

Q3. How would you compare our products to other similar products?

A)    Best

B)    Average

C)    Below average

D)    Worst

Q4. What is the average time taken by customer service executive to resolve any query or problem?

Answer. ____________________________________________________________________

Q5. Do problems/queries get resolved by customer care executive?

A)   Yes

B)    No

Q6. Was customer care executive polite/helpful/cooperative to you?

A)   Yes

B)    No

Q7. What was the speed of our service? Did you find our representatives qualified and honest?

Answer. ____________________________________________________________________

Q8. Do we have high relative values in comparison to other market leaders? Do you find our service better than other competitors?

Answer. ____________________________________________________________________

Q9. Does this company fulfill your expectations?


Q10. Please write if you have any suggestion or recommendation for improvement of our services.