The current population survey questionnaire is mainly used for statistical purposes by the government. The data obtained from survey conducted using such questionnaires is also used by private organizations and think tanks for various projects initiated at the community level.  The data collected with such questionnaires establishes the number of the employed, unemployed, and retired people. The questionnaire also establishes the number of people currently not in the labor force due to reasons such as old age, disabilities, and lack of necessary skills or just out of their own liking.  The questionnaire is used in approximately 50,000 households, which represents the non-institutional civilian population.

Below is a sample:



Street Address


Mailing Address


Q1. Is your residential house (tick whichever is applicable)



Occupied without established ownership or rent payments______

Being paid for through mortgage______

Q2. What is the acreage where this house is located?

10 acres or less______

More than 10 acres______

Q3. When was this house built?

2000 and later______

Between 1990 and 1999______

Between 1970 and 1989______

Before 1970______

Q4 How many rooms does the house have? ______

Q5. How many people leave here? ______

Q6. Please list their names and ages






Q7. How many amongst people living in this house are:

Fully employed______

Employed on a part-time basis______

Jobless and looking for work______

Studying and not working______

Incapable of engaging in income generating activities due to disabilities, age or lack of marketable skills______

Q8. Is anyone who stays here traveling, in hospital or at school?