Cruise travel questionnaires are designed to gather information about the satisfaction of the clients who availed the cruise service. From the answers of the clients, a clear idea can be formed about the advantages and shortcomings of this cruise service so that improvement can be done accordingly.

Sample Cruise Travel Questionnaire

Personal Details

Name: _______________________________________________________

Age: ____________________               Gender: Male / Female

Occupation: _______________________

Please answer the following questions.

  1. Is this your first trip on cruise? ____________________________________________
  2. If not, then which cruise have you been on earlier? ____________________________
  3. Which cruise service providers are your personal favourite? ____________________


  1. Where did you first come across this cruise trip? _____________________________
  2. Did anyone recommend it to you? _________________________________________
  3. Are the fares reasonable for you? __________________________________________
  4. How many people are there in your group? __________________________________
  5. How do you like the on board amenities (like food, drinks, lodging) of the cruise? __________________________________________________________________________________________
  6. The other amenities (like swimming pool, club, and gymnasium) were of good quality? _____________________________________________________________________
  7. Was the reservation process smooth and speedy for you? _______________________
  8. Was the reservation agent able to answer your questions? ______________________
  9. Was the agent well informed about information on the cruise? ___________________
  10. Was the agent able to clear your doubts? ___________________________________
  11. Was the information provided by the agent on the fares accurate? _______________
  12. In future, would you like to travel with the same cruise company again? _____________________________________________________________________
  13. Would you recommend this cruise service to your family, friends and peers? _____________________________________________________________________