The course satisfaction questionnaire aims at identification of the outcome of the course that was conducted by an institute. The questions pertain to the course that is being conducted by the Institute in order to plug any loopholes in it or also to improvise it after getting the feedback. As the course participants are the best ones to judge the course, the course satisfaction questionnaire is ideally taken from the participants of the course.

Sample Course satisfaction questionnaire

Name of the Student: ____________________

Gender: _____________________


Address of the participant: __________________

Email Address: ____________________

Name of the course:________________

1)      Since how many years are you associated with our Institute?

  1. 1 Year
  2. 2 Years
  3. 3 Years
  4. Less than a year

2)      Are you satisfied with the contents of the course that you have completed recently with our Institute?

  1. Satisfied
  2. Not satisfied.
  3. Partly Satisfied
  4. Not sure

3)      Which are the areas that you feel needs improvement in the course that you have undertaken with our Institute?

  1. Technology
  2. Course content
  3. Faculty
  4. Ambience

4)      Why do you think this course will help you in your career growth?


5)      Tell us you option from the following choices that you feel are the most important in the course?

  1. Online course content
  2. Student-Teacher Interaction
  3. Grading System
  4. Computerized monitoring system

6)      Are you satisfied with the course that you have completed?

  1. Very satisfied
  2. Somewhat satisfied
  3. Just satisfied
  4. Not at all Satisfied