Consumer satisfaction questionnaire is a layout released by the business authority targeting any particular section of consumer, in order to access their level of satisfaction regarding the business services and offerings. This is a process through which a business can not only improve its stature but can also indentify the areas of consumer’s dissatisfaction.

Sample Consumer Satisfaction Questionnaire

Consumer name: __________________________________

Contact Details: ______________________

Kindly express your opinion correctly so that we can improve our quality and present you the best:

  • What ranges of our product and/ or services you are using?


  • How long you are using them?


  • Are you satisfied with our deliverables? If no, then specify the areas where we failed to satisfy you?


  • Do you think that we are successful in providing prompt services to our consumers? If no, enumerate in details what are the shortcomings?


  • What is your opinion regarding the competitiveness of our product(s) and /or services?
  1. Overall it creates good impact better than our contemporaries.
  2. It creates impact more or less equivalent to our contemporaries.
  3. The product and/ or services are not as per what the contemporaries produce.
  • What is your opinion regarding our approach to quality management in order to gain utmost customer satisfaction?


  • Have you experienced the services of our new operations? If yes, do you find it utilizing and satisfactory? If no, then are you planning to use our services offered by new operational branches of the business in recent future?