There are many consumer products in the market for sale and in order to promote their products, companies utilize a consumer product questionnaire. This is a great marketing tool which helps to promote a product along with knowing the status of the competitor product. The questions usually are multi-choice ones and cover a range of topics including suggestion and comments.

Consumer Product Questionnaire Sample



Telephone number:

Email Address:



Q1: Have you heard of the name ________________?

  • Yes, definitely!
  • What is that?

Q2: Have you used the product?

  • I own it
  • Own it but haven’t used it
  • I don’t have it

Q3: have you ever used a similar product?

  • Yes
  • No

Q4: from where do you usually buy such kinds of products?

  • From authorized galleries
  • Any shop where it is available

Q5: What is the best quality of the product?

  • I like its user friendly design and easy handling
  • I like its functionality
  • I like its cost effective pricing
  • I am not too fond of the product

Q6:  When and how did you first hear about the product?


Q7: Would you considering buying many more such products of the same brand?

  • Yes I would love to buy them again
  • Not interested
  • Can’t decide!

Q8: Would you recommend this product to your friends and relatives?

  • I definitely would!
  • I don’t think so

Q9: Do you wish to give any special suggestions or comments regarding the product?