Consultation satisfaction questionnaire is a layout which inquest for satisfaction level of the targeted public who has sought consultancy on any particular matter. This kind of layout helps in assimilating opinions of the people and helps the concern consultants to deliver improved consultancy. This kind of questionnaires has to be constructed in a specific approach yet it should also have some questions related to general aspects of consultancy.

Sample Consultation Satisfaction Questionnaire

Name of the participant: _____________________

Address: ____________________

Type of Consultancy: _______________________

Provide correct feedback so that we could improve our service.

  • Have you received required consultation services?
  1. Definitely, I have received adequate consultancy services.
  2. No not much
  3. I am highly disappointed with the consultancy services that I have received.
  • How long did you hire consultancy service from us? Enunciate the areas of your dissatisfaction or changes you would like to have?


  • Do you thing the remuneration taken for providing consultancy services is worth?
  1. Definitely, it’s worth.
  2.  May be I am not sure
  3. No, it is not at all worth
  • Do you think the consultancy that you have received can be implemented in practical field profusely? If yes, do you consider that it would be successful in bringing changes? Justify your answer elaborately.


  • Do you think we value your time and money?
  1. Yes
  2. No
  3. Not as expected
  4. Always
  5. Sometimes
  6. Not always
  • Have you received prompt responses from us every-time while you required consultancy assistances?