The process of Conflict management involves identifying and finding ways to resolve a conflict in a smooth, efficient and effective manner. The conflict management questionnaire consists of questions relating to individual’s personal traits, reason for conflicts and so on.  Given below is the list of questions required to frame an effective conflict management questionnaire.

Sample conflict management questionnaire:

Q1) Name of the employee ______________

Q2) Designation ___________________

Q3)  Address (work) ______________

Q4) Address (Home) _______________

Q5) Employee’s Contact No: ___________

Q6) Email ID: ___________________

Q7) what are the reasons you think may get you into a conflict?

Q8) if you get into a conflict or dispute with other person what you do?

a)   I will try my best to win the dispute

b)   Will give my best efforts to look for a compromise

c)   Will take the matter to the top-management

d)   Wait and watch

Q9) if a person does something that irritates you what is your first reaction?

a)   Will give him a direct eye-contact

b)   Will walk away from the place

c)   Will tell him that his behavior is irritating you

Q10) what type of person are you?

a)   usually Shy and  only like to do my work

b)   Like to mix up in the group

c)   Will like to express my opinion on various issues

Q11)  if you don’t agree with the decision of top-management what you do?

a)   Express your disappointment on the spot.

b)   Will discuss with your colleagues about the decision.

c)   Will accept the decision without any complaints.

Q12) Describe in one word what type of person are you?