Computer training questionnaire is filled up by candidates who are willing to take up a computer course in any reputed and affiliated institution. Their answers are analyzed to determine their specific requirements and an appropriate course is allotted to them.

Sample Computer Training Questionnaire

Name: ________________________________________________________________

Address: ______________________________________________________________

Contact number: ________________________________________________________

Sex: Male / Female Date of Birth: ____________________

1. Do you possess any previous computer knowledge?

a. No, not at all

b. I know the basics

c. I have previously completed a basic course

d. Any other

If any other, then please specify. __________________________________________

2. Will you be able to use a mouse?

a. Yes

b. No

3. What is the level of training you require?

a. Beginners with no prior knowledge of the computers [3 months of introductory classes]

b. E-mail and internet [must have basic computer knowledge to enrol in this course]

c. Progressive course [as a follow up to the beginner’s course]

d. Certificate course

e. Any other

If any other, then please write down your specifications. _______________________


[You can choose more than one option here, according to your own feasibility.]

4. Which area would be your preferred location? _______________________________

5. Are you challenged in any way that might affect your learning procedure?

a. Yes, I am physically challenged with ___________________________________ disabilities.

b. No

6. Why do you want to join this computer training course?

a. General interest

b. E-mail family and friends staying abroad

c. Helping the children with their homework

d. Seeking employment positions where computer knowledge is required

e. Any other