Compensation is a process pertaining to the human resource department which is being offered to an employee who is in need due to a loss, debt etc. In this case, employers generally give something equivalent to services, monetary benefits, indemnity etc. as compensation to the concern employee or to his family in his absence. Compensation satisfaction questionnaire is a kind of survey that is being used to determine the satisfaction level of the employees related to the compensation they receive or have received.

Sample Compensation Satisfaction Questionnaire

Respondent’s name ______________________

Job position: ______________________

Years of service: __________________ months

We value your response and would like to improve the compensation process of the organization with your opinion.

  • How much would you rate the overall compensation offered by your company, on a scale of 10?
  1. 0-3
  2. 4-7
  3. 8-10
  4. Considering my job position and years of employment, the compensation was adequate.
  5.  I think I would have received a bit more compensation.
  6. No comments.
  7. Yes, they have responded quite promptly and I am highly satisfied
  8. It took a long time for me to get my compensation
  9. Neither they have delayed nor did they accomplish the task promptly.
  • Have you expected a bit more compensation than what it is being provided based on your job position and years of employment?
  • Do you think the management responded promptly in giving you compensation?
  • Do you want any change in the compensation policy of the company? If yes, mention elaborately.