A compassionate love questionnaire may be found to be posted on sites or in some magazines in order to help people know as to how much compassionately does their partner love them. Such a questionnaire includes variety of questions ranging from multiple choice question to subjective question, all used in order to test the love which people have for their partner.

Given below is a sample of a compassionate love questionnaire that can be used by any person who is looking for a reference document.

Sample Compassionate Love Questionnaire:

Name of the person:


Date of birth:   (dd/mm/yy)

Sex: M/F

Residential address:

Mobile number:

Email id:

Give answers for the following questions and mark one option in case of objective questions:

Q1. How much time do you spend with your partner?

  • Most of the day
  • As much as possible
  • Whenever I get free time
  • For only some time
  • Very less

Q2. Do you discuss your problems with your partner?

  • All the time
  • Most of the times
  • Sometimes
  • Very rarely
  • Not at all

Q3. Do you take interest in your partner’s activities?

  • Rarely
  • Sometimes
  • Most of the times
  • All the time

Q4. What according to you is the most attractive quality of your partner? Support your answer with reasons.


Q5. What will you do if you see your partner hanging out with someone else?

  • Go to my partner and will ask for an introduction
  • Take a picture of them and will confront him or her later
  • Just walk out of there and forget the whole episode
  • Just ask casually about it on some occasion

Q6. Will you be able to forgive your partner if he or she does something wrong?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Maybe
  • Not sure