Company product questionnaire are prepared by the company and given to the customers to answer in order to know the latter’s view about the company’s product. It may even be prepared by the company for internal use. This questionnaire may be set by a particular department and given to the company’s senior officials to know their opinion about how their product would perform in the market or to find out the ways in which the product’s popularity can be increased.

The kind of questions designed for both these types of questionnaire would differ. Below given sample company product questionnaire includes questions that are put for the internal company officials to know their opinion about the product’s performance.

Sample Company Product Questionnaire

  • Please mention your name in the below given blank


  • Please mention your mobile number


  • What is your email id?


  • Which position do you hold in this company?


  • Please specify the department/ team you are a part of.


  • Have you been a part of the product planning process?

a)      Yes

b)      No

  • How well do you think our company’s product would perform once they are out in the market?

a)      The performance would be outstanding

b)      It should perform well

c)      It may have to face tough competition

d)     Can’t say

  • Would this product hold monopoly in the market or are their similar products being offered by other brands?


  • If there are other similar products being offered by other brands as well then why do you think people would go for our product?

a)      Its price is lesser in comparison to similar products offered by other brands

b)      The quality of our product is superior in comparison to the others

c)      It would be readily available in the market

  • Which brand in your opinion would give our product a tough competition?