A community interview questionnaire is a set of questions which are asked from community members or the community leader of a certain community. These communities can be any groups of people such as a city, a town, a police officer group, a district, a cultural group etc…The questions are generally related to the community and its various facets. Any such questionnaire consists of series of formally framed questions.

Sample Community Interview Questionnaire:

Name of the community: ______________

Leader of the community: _____________

Purpose of the community, if any: _______________

Address of the community head office: ________________

Contact number of community office: ___________

Website address of the community: ____________

Please answer the following questions:

Q1. What according to you is the greatest strength of your community?


Q2. What according to you is the greatest matter of concern for this community at the moment?


Q3. Does your community function according to the environmental laws of the federal state?


Q4. Does your community play an important role is restoring peace, friendliness with other communities?


Q5. As the community representative and leader, what are your duties and responsibilities towards the community in general?


Q6. Do you face any threats or worries in the current political scenario?


Q7. Roughly, how many members does your community have?


Q8. Does your community have a motto or goal? If yes, then what is it and how do you plan to achieve them?


Q9. What are the plans or actions for your community for the near future?