Communication satisfaction questionnaire helps people to understand how proficient they are with their communication skill. Such kind of questionnaires is one of the best tools to analyze the communication skill.


Sample Communication Satisfaction Questionnaire

Q1.How will you describe your communication skill in one word?

  1. Outstanding
  2. Very good
  3. Good
  4. Average
  5. Below Average


Q2. Do you feel shy in interacting with mass?

  1. No not at all in fact I am a good speaker
  2. Sometimes depends on the mass
  3. Yes very much I am scared

Q3. Can you keep eye to eye contact with the listener while speaking?

  1. Yes I keep a steady eye to eye contact with the person I am speaking to
  2. Depends on the other person I am speaking to
  3. It is never possible for me to keep eye to eye contact while speaking

Q4.  Do you fumble while speaking in English?

  1. Yes I am not that much proficient in English speaking
  2. At times not always
  3. No never, I have a superb English speaking power.

Q5. When it comes to communicating with strangers which language you prefer the most?

  1. Obviously English, that is the language understood by everyone across the globe
  2. Will try to speak in their language provided if I know that
  3. I will speak in my mother tongue because I don’t know anything apart from that.

Q6. How will you rate your communication skill and interaction on a scale of 10?

  1. 0-4
  2. 5-8
  3. 9-10