An analysis of the questions contained in the communication marketing questionnaire will help gather which source of media communication is most suitable for marketing according to the individual. Also what features to be taken care of when building a communication marketing plan.

Sample Communication Marketing Questionnaire

Name: _______________________________

Age: ____________

Address: ______________________

Phone number: ________________________

Occupation: _______________

E-mail Address: __________________

Kindly answer the following questions:

Q1. Which of the following income groups would you classify yourself a part of?

  1. Low- Income group
  2. Mid- Income group
  3. High- Income group

Q2. What sources of media (print or visual) do you have access to?


Q3. Which of the above would be most affective according to you if you were to advertise your business?


Q4. Which according to you is least affective in today’s world?


Q5.  When building a promotion campaign which approach- realistic or fantasy, is more appropriate or appealing according to you?


Q6. Is printing or presenting the pricing of the respective product a turn off?


Q7. Is involvement of a celebrity or somebody famous an integral part of any promotion plan? Or is an innovative idea sufficient/


Q8. Do you find the recent show of skin in some promotions highly inappropriate and a downer than being beneficial?


Q10. Do the promotional acts actually help communicate and build a market or do you believe that when it comes down it the promotions do not make so much of an effect on the decision of the consumer?