A commercial property insurance questionnaire is a well drafted document which is used whenever an individual or an organization approaches an insurance company providing property insurance, in order to get the commercial property owned by the individual or organization insured. The main reason for getting the commercial property insured is to protect it from factors like theft or damage. The questions mentioned in the questionnaire are about the details of the commercial property like the current value of the property, total area of it etc. Based on these details the insurance company calculates the premium amount as well as the sum assured.

Sample Commercial Property Insurance Questionnaire:

Name: _____________________

Address of the property: ________ Street ____________ City: ___________, State: ___________, PIN: _____________

Mobile number: _______________

Working Phone Number: ______________

Email Address: _____________________


Q1. What is the commercial property used for?

a)   Rented out to other organizations

b)   Personal business purpose

Q2. What kind of property is it?

a)   Building

b)   Apartment

c)   Skyscraper

d)   Bungalow

e)   Mansion

Q3. Has the property been a victim of any kind of natural calamity or disaster?

a)   Yes

b)   No

Q4. If the answer to the above question is yes, describe the kind of natural calamity or disaster.


Q4. What is the distance of the property from the nearest fire station?

a)      Within 1 Km

b)      Within 5 Km

c)      Within 10Km

Q5. Do you have any security measures present in the property and if yes what kind of security measures do you have?