A commercial insurance questionnaire is a document which is used to gather information when an individual approaches an insurance company to get his commercial business, property or any other asset insured to protect it from elements like theft, losses, damage or liability. The questionnaire has questions about various details of the business like the property, total capital, liability, asset value etc. This questionnaire is used by the insurance company to assess whether the person applying for the insurance eligible to get it.

Sample Commercial Insurance Questionnaire

Name: First name: _______ Middle name: __________ Surname: _________

Address: Street address __________ City name ________ State name _________

Postal code _________

Address of business: Street address __________ City name ________ State name _________ Postal code _________

Residential Contact number: _____________ Mobile number: ________

Fax number: ______________

Email id: _________________

1. What is the year of starting the business?


2. What kind of business is it?

a) Sole proprietorship

b) Partnership

c) Corporation

d) LLC

e) Subsidiary company

3. How many full time employees do you have?

a) Less than fifty

b) Less than hundred

c) More than hundred

4. How many part time employees do you have?

d) Less than fifty

e) Less than hundred

f) More than hundred

5. What is the total asset valuation of your business?


6. What is the total liability amount?


7. Do you have proper security measures at the office in case fire breaks out?

a) yes

b) No

8. What is the annual income value of your business?


9. Have you faced any kind of losses in the last five years?