College student satisfaction questionnaire is an effective tool to gauge the satisfaction of any college students regarding their college and provided facilities. In turn such kind of questionnaires helps the college authority to determine the satisfaction level of their students and for those students who wish to join that particular college.

Sample College student Satisfaction questionnaire


Name of the student ____________________

Year ____________________

Stream ___________________

Contact number _________________

Q1. How will you describe the quality of education provided to you by college?

  1. Outstanding education
  2. The standard of the education in this college is good
  3. Not up to the expectation level

Q2. Does your college provide enough exposures for all the students?

  1. Yes, all the streams are provided with ample exposures
  2. Depends on the stream
  3. No exposures for any of the stream

Q3. Does the standard of other facilities like labs; canteen etc meets your expectation?

  1. Yes, we have ample facilities
  2. Some are good some are worst
  3. Standard of other facilities are poor

Q4. How will you rate your faculties out of 10?

  1. 0-4
  2. 5-7
  3. 8-10

Q5.  Do you think the semester or yearly fee that you are paying is utilized properly?

  1. Yes definitely infrastructures are simply awesome
  2. Yes, but not fully
  3. No not at all it’s a sheer wastage

Q6. Are you satisfied with the building infrastructure of your college?

  1. Of course, we have a huge building with complete infrastructure that a student looks for.
  2. Its okay
  3. Below satisfaction.