A collective investment questionnaire is a written document which consists of multiple questions which are based on the topic of collective investment. Collective investment is the kind of investment which is done collectively by a group of people. These kinds of questionnaires are used by organisations to know about investment methods adopted in the case of collective investment. Any such document if written in a formal tone and has either multiple choice questions or subjective questions.

Sample Collective Investment Questionnaire:

Name of respondent: __________________

Age of respondent: ______________________

Date of birth of respondent: __________________

Gender of respondent: ________________________

Email address of respondent: ______________

Contact number of respondent: _______________

Residential address of respondent: _____________________

Please answer the following questions in the spaces provided and answer all the questions:

Q1. Are you involved in any kind of collective investment?

a)   Yes

b)   No

Q2. Which of the following fields of collective investment are you involved in if the answer of previous question is yes?

a)   Real estate

b)   Stock market

c)   Mutual funds

d)   Commodity

e)   Bank

f)    Other

Q3. What are the benefits of collective investment over the independent investment?

a)   Low risk

b)   Better judgement due to majority of people

c)   Better decision making

d)   Less amount to be invested

e)   Other

Q4. What are the disadvantages of collective investment over independent investment?

a)   Less returns

b)   Clash of interests

c)   Confusion and lack of personal attention

d)   Other

Q5. How many schemes of investment are you involved in as a group member?