Client satisfaction survey questionnaire is a kind of survey that is carried out by a company or a firm in order to know the level of satisfaction of the client with regard to the services rendered or products sold. This questionnaire gives an idea about the current state and position of the business and the changed needed for its improvement. The survey questionnaire also helps in bringing the awareness about the positive and negative fragments of the products or services which ultimately help them in improving the services to continue growing in future as well. Sample of the survey questionnaire is given below:

Sample Client Satisfaction Survey Questionnaire

Name of the client:         __________________________________________

Address of the client:    __________________________________________

Contact no of client :     __________________________________________

Email id of client :           __________________________________________

Q1) Are you satisfied with the services provided by us?

a) Definitely

b) To an extent

c) Sometimes

d) Never

Q2) Do you think our services are cost effective?

a) Very much

b) Agree

c) Disagree

d) Never

Q3) Do we provide timely delivery?

a) Always

b) Almost

c) Sometimes

d) Never

Q4) Would you like to continue with our services for the next five years?

a) Why not?

b) Yes

c) May be

d) Not at all

Q5) Give your priced suggestion to help us improve and serve you better?


Q6) Are you happy with our policies and schemes?

a) Always

b) Most of the times

c) Sometimes

d) Not even once

Q7) Are you satisfied with our management?

a) Yes completely

b) To great extent

c)  To some extent

d)  No, not at all

Q8) Mention the positive and negative points about us?


Q9) Mention the areas of our services that impress you the most (if applicable)?


Q10) What do you have to say about your overall experience with us and our products/services?