This client marketing questionnaire is meant for the current and potential clientele so as to gather firsthand information pertaining to their views and beliefs. This will help understand the expectations and problems thus provide better solutions.

Sample Client Marketing Questionnaire





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Q1.What is the aspects/ features that attract you to a particular product or service or an opportunity?


Q2. How did you get to know of our presence? (E.g. by an Ad or through a current client etc.)


Q3. Have you already tried any other provider?


Q4. How would you say was your experience with other provider?


Q5. What do you understand of our business in the first outlook?


Q6. What exactly do you expect from us when you decide to join hands with us?


Q7. Do you believe that this is the right place that will get you all the help that you need or is a solution for you? Why?


Q8. Are there any specifications that you’d like us to take care of for you?


Q9. What are the general problems you believe might exist in this field? Have you had firsthand experience to any of these in any way?


Q10. If you find this product worth your while would you like to venture into other services or try other products we provide?


Q11. If you have already experienced our services were you satisfied? If not would like to come back and give us a feedback so as to help us bring about changes if any needed?