Every business values its clients. In fact the cliché that the client is king rings true to this day. For this reason, most businesses always seek feedback from clients regarding their services and products. Client feedback questionnaires are so far the least expensive means of survey available to businesses for purposes of gauging the level of client satisfaction. In addition to product and services, the questionnaire is also used to measure the level of brand satisfaction. On the reverse, the questionnaire is used to gauge client dissatisfaction with product or service performance, as well as pinpointing areas in client service that need remedying. Below is an example:


Name of the agency that offered the legal services___________________________

Area of operation___________________________

Date services were offered___________________________

Q1.  How satisfactory were our services to you?

?Very satisfying  ?Fairly satisfying ?Very dissatisfying

Q2. Do you have any suggestions about how we can improve our service delivery?_____

If yes, briefly explain___________________________

Q3.  How would you rate the ease of understanding of the information given to you in the course of our service provision?

?Easy   ?fairly easy  ?very technical

Q4. How would you suggest we improve on Q3 above?


Q5. Were you treated fairly during service provision in our firm? ________

Q6. Would you recommend our services to another person needing legal advice or assistance? _____________

Q7. Please state your reason for your answer in Q6 above


Q8. How did you learn about our legal firm?

?From advertisements in the media

?Through a friend

?From the directory listing

?Other (specify) ___________