Class Reunion Questionnaire is a questionnaire sent by a few classmates to the rest of the batch to get confirmations from those intent on attending class reunion. The questionnaire helps in planning the dates, participation, scale and kind of event as well as to gather preferences about the scheme of the event itself.


Class Reunion Questionnaire Sample

Name:                                                               School Nickname:

Address:                                                    Contact No.:


  1. Are you interested in attending the reunion in the last week of this year?

a)    YES! Count me in right away!!

b)    No, thanks.

c)     I can join the party if it is on any of the long weekends before December.

  1. How many of your family would be accompanying you? (Limited to 4 others)

a)    None

b)    1

c)     2

d)    3 or more

  1. How long would you like the event to be held?

a)    Just a fun-filled evening…

b)    Half-a day won’t be too long!

c)     Make it a 24-hr. party

d)    One day in revelry, add another to recoup.

  1. What kind of celebration would you like?

a)    Nothing too much, a barbeque would be fine.

b)    Let’s go for a 11-course luncheon!

c)     I say bring in breakfast, brunch, buffet and banquet!

  1. What would be your contribution?

a)    100/-

b)    200/-

c)     500/-

d)    1000/-

  1. What would be your choice of location for the reunion?

a) A tourist spot
b) Any metropolis

c) Any centrally located city or town

d) A village

  1. What kind of dress code would you like to come to the occasion in?

a)    Formal

b)    Casual

c)     Traditional

d)    Theme

  1. Do you think a teacher from school should also be invited?

a)    Yes

b)    No

c)     I am not sure

  1. What kind of memories of school can you bring along?

a)    Slam Book

b)    Photos

c)     Videos

d)    Uniforms, banners and mementos

  1. Can you get the entire event arranged as a package-deal/ forward us leads for the same?

a)    Yes, I think I can send some useful info across

b)    Sorry…not me.