Citizenship questionnaire is a list of questions which is asked to people who wish to immigrate into a particular country. These questions test the citizenship seeking individual’s general knowledge and awareness about the country he wishes to settle in.

Sample Citizenship Questionnaire

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  1. National Symbols
    1. How many colors are present in the national flag of USA?
    2. What do these colors represent?
    3. What do you mean by stars and stripes? What do they represent?
    4. What is the national anthem of our country? Who wrote it?
  1. Law
    1. What is meant by the supreme law of land?
    2. What are the first three words in the constitution of USA which are founded on the idea of self governance?
    3. What is Bill of Rights?
  1. Government
    1. How many provinces are present in USA?
    2. Who is the head of the government of USA?
    3. Who is the current president of the country?
    4. What is the American Parliament known as?
    5. What is the capital of the province you live in? Who is its governor?
  1. History
    1. When did America achieve its freedom and from whom?
    2. What is the declaration of independence and who wrote it?
    3. Who were the inhabitants of this land before Europeans arrived here?
    4. Name any three states which were formed during the independence?
    5. Which are the two provinces of USA which are geographically separated from the mainland?
    6. From which countries were the following territories incorporated into USA?
      1. i.      Alaska
      2. ii.      California