A change management questionnaire takes in hand the challenges of a necessary change and makes it likely to carry out a study of the circumstances. Conducting organizational transformation can be a tricky task that is convoluted by extensive monetary suggestions that the change brings about. As a result, lots of associations are not capable of enjoying the benefits of flawless change.

Sample Change Management Questionnaire

Name_____________________ Address____________________________


Address of organisation______________________ State___________________

Email id _____________________ Phone number_____________________+

1. State the change brought about in brief.


2. Who among the following are directly impacted by this change? Please tick all the options that apply.

a. Junior Employees

b. Senior Employees

c. Managers

d. Senior Managers

e. Senior Executives

3. Is there a dedicated team of members that are having the sole responsibility to monitor the impact of the change?

a. Yes

b. No

4. If the above answer is Yes, Please provide details of the team members and how the task is accomplished.


5. If the answer to Question 3 is No, Please state how the change impact is monitored.


6. How many months is this change implemented?

a. Less than 1 month

b. 1 – 3 months

c. 3 – 6 months

d. 6 – 12 months

e. More than 12 months

7. Is this change done for a permanent time period? If No, Please mention the time span this change will be on effect.

a. Yes

b. No. _______________________________________________________

8. Provide a general feedback over the impact of the change on the entire organization as a whole.