Travel Motivation Questionnaire

Travel motivation questionnaire is one that obtains information about the various sorts of travel requirements and interests opted by different kinds of people. The main motive behind carrying out such... Read More

Household Travel Survey Questionnaire

A household travel survey questionnaire is one that helps to identify the pattern of travel used by people living in a household. The questionnaire aims to understand the general living... Read More

Business Travel Survey Questionnaire

A business travel survey questionnaire is one that helps to identify the travel pattern followed by people who undertake travel for business purpose. The questionnaire is important to identify the... Read More

International Travel Questionnaire

An international travel questionnaire contains questions directed to an individual who is travelling outside of his own country. These questions help understand the trip purposes, duration, accommodation, frequency and many... Read More

Residential Travel Questionnaire

A residential travel questionnaire is one that is obtained from one who travel from house to another destination namely office. This questionnaire helps to understand the distance that exists between... Read More

Student Travel Questionnaire

A student travel questionnaire is aimed at finding out general travel plans of a student. It helps discover the general prevailing trends and the change in trends over time. It... Read More

Travel Questionnaire

Traveling is one of the most sought after holiday past times for most people.  With the travel and tourism industry becoming highly competitive by the day, travel questionnaires can help... Read More

Travel Medical Insurance Questionnaire

A travel medical insurance questionnaire is normally prepared by an insurance company and is used for gathering health related data of people who are planning to travel abroad. The data... Read More

Pre Travel Questionnaire

The primary objective of a pre travel questionnaire is to gather relevant general, personal, travel, and medical information of individuals or a group of people who are travelling or planning... Read More

Travel Health Questionnaire

A travel health questionnaire can be used by organizations, medical institutions, travel agencies, insurance agencies and related organizations to find out information related to an individual’s health issues and current... Read More

Travel Vaccination Questionnaire

The primary area of focus in a travel vaccination questionnaire lies in revealing information regarding vaccinations taken by individuals when traveling internationally. Different countries in the world have different vaccination... Read More

Tic Travel Insurance Medical Questionnaire

The tic travel insurance medical questionnaire helps the organization to identify the specific requirements of each of their clients. TIC is one of the leading players in the Canadian travel... Read More

Travel Questionnaire Example

A travel questionnaire can be defined as a structured approach for gathering information from people regarding their expectations from tour and travel programs organized by travel agencies.  These questionnaires act... Read More