Career satisfaction questionnaire is one of the effective tools to gauge one’s level of satisfaction regarding his or her career. Such kind of questionnaires is framed with an intention to make people realize whether they are satisfied with their career or not.


Sample Career Satisfaction Questionnaire




Age __________________

Please answer all the questions carefully:

Q1.  What kind of profession you are in?

  1. Teacher
  2. Lawyer
  3. Engineer
  4. Doctor
  5. Journalist

Others please specify ______________________

Q2. How long you are in this profession?

  1. I am fresher about to get into this profession
  2. More than 5years
  3. Less than 5years

Q3. Have you always desire to be a part of this profession?

  1. Yes always since childhood
  2. No I desired for something else but I was force to choose this
  3. I surely like it but never wished to take this as profession

Q4. Would you suggest others to opt for this profession?

  1. Definitely the best possible career option
  2. May be I don’t know
  3. Never, if anyone dreams of it even I will suggest them to run away of it.

Q5. Are you getting everything that you have always aspired for?

  1. Yes, as this career option has got no other substitute
  2. Don’t know actually I am still clueless
  3. Never if this is your career option then once you will get ruined for sure.

Q6. How ill you rate your career satisfaction on a scale of 10?

  1. 0-4
  2. 5-7
  3. 8-10