The purpose of most career questionnaires is to help people select a suitable career.    Sometimes companies also use them to judge the candidates better.  Online career questionnaires are very popular because of their easy accessibility.

When career questionnaires are designed for the reader, the aim is to clear any dilemmas and help in building a clear-cut career-vision for him/her.  Unlike some other questionnaires which help the surveyor, the purpose of these questionnaires is to assist the respondent.

The questions must be based on psychological profiling, personality traits, temperament, aptitudes and attitudes.  Career questionnaire must help the readers to identify their strengths and positive points.  They must also help in pinpointing the weak areas and other factors holding the person back.

Career questionnaires must be designed scientifically and accurately.  The interpretation of results must be clear so that the reader is able to perceive his/her likes and dislikes.