A career questionnaire for adults is a questionnaire taken by an individual who has completed high school or is above eighteen years of age. The questionnaire contains a set of questions that helps an adult to assess which career would be most appropriate for him. The questionnaire contains questions based on field of interests of the individual. There are also questions based on the working environment that the individual prefers. Thus a career questionnaire helps to match the skill sets of the individual to a particular career field.

Sample Career Questionnaire for Adults

Name of the adult: _______________

Address of correspondence: ________________

Contact number: ________________

Alternative contact number: _____________

Email id: _______________

1.  What is your educational qualification?


2.  What kind of organization attracts you the most?

a)  Corporate organization

b)  Multinational organization

c)  Government organization

3.  Which among the following stream of education interest you the most?

a)  Science stream

b)  Arts stream

c)  Commerce stream

4.  Which work environment do you fee would be most suitable for you?

a)  Stress free work environment

b)  Very challenging work environment

c)  Relaxing work environment

d)  Motivating work environment

e)  Cheerful and helpful work environment

f)  If any other, then please specify

5.  Do any of these fields of work attract you?

a)  Media field

b)  Field of marketing

c)  Finance field

d)  PR field

6.  Which aspect is most important for you while making a career?

a)  God money

b)  Security of the career

c)  Demand in market

d)  Ability to balance professional and personal life

7.  Mention some of your skill sets that you think would help you in your career


8.  What according to you are your strengths as a professional?


9.  What according to are your weaknesses as professional?


10.  Which nature describes you best?