A career preferences questionnaire is an analysis done among people in order to understand their preferences regarding career. These questionnaires play a vital role in occupation selection and job satisfaction. The questionnaire helps to relate the work values and expectations with career. It also compares the job characteristics with the personality of the candidate and helps in panning the career according to the compatibility.

Sample Career Preferences Questionnaire

Name: _______________________

Brief about the degree/ qualification/ languages known/previous experiences, if any?


1. Please decide on the job description preferred from below options.

a) Design/technical.

b) Research.

c) Management roles.


2. Do you usually have good levels of concentration or get distracted easily

a) Have good levels of concentration

b) Get distracted very easily

c) Not sure


3. Are you a helpful person by nature or expect other to help you first and then return a help?

a) Help others first

b) Expect others to help me first

c) Don’t believe in helping others


4. If there is a problem what is your usual way of solving it from the following choices?

a) Think creatively to solve it

b) Try to solve it practically

c) Try to solve it impulsively


5. What is your work preference from the following options?

a) Like to work at a desk that has lot of paper work or computer related work

b) Like to have a job that involves moving around

c) Can take up any type of job


6. When you have an argument with another person how do you usually react from the following situations?

a) Stand by my argument only

b) Look for strong points of argument offered by the other person and agree

c) Agree to the argument of the other person at the first instance itself

7. When talking to others how do you engage your talk from the following choices?

a) Talk whatever comes to my mind

b) Talk carefully by thinking about what others are saying

c) Don’t react much to others talking