A career planning preparation questionnaire is a questionnaire with set of questions designed to help a person plan a suitable career. The questions are based on the survey done among people in order to understand their personal interests and corresponding career planning options. The questionnaire helps to bring out the career interests and salary expectations etc of the person which is important in career preparations.

Sample Career planning preparation Questionnaire

Name of the candidate: _______________________

Email address of candidate: ___________________

1. Choose your level of your interest in learning new things

g) High.

h) Average.

i) Low


2. Please specify about your active listening skills from below options

a) High.

b) Average.

c) Above average.

d) Low


3. How efficient you are in people management

a) Very efficient.

b) Average.

c) Above average.

d) Neither low nor high.


4. Select your skill level on people coordination.

a) Very efficient.

b) Average.

c) Above average.

d) Neither low nor high


5. Please select the activities that interest you most in the job.

e) Knowledge sharing between people.

f) Project design.

g) Understand rules of project and give suggestions accordingly.

h) Client-customer coordination


6. Please brief about your skill set.



7. Please select the jobs that interests you

e) Medical.

f) Entertainment and media

g) Software

h) Construction, mechanical & environmental engineering


8. Choose the salary expectations from new job

e) Less than 5 Lac Pa

f) Less than 10 Lac Pa.

g) Greater than 10 Lac Pa


9. Choose from the below options your level of experience

e) Fresher

f) < 5 Yrs

g) > 10 Yrs


10. Select the activity that describes your interest, from below.

e) Read lot.

f) Interest to fix Mechanical problems.

g) Plan the job well ahead.

h) Take and complete work requires lot of effort.


11. Select your interest on gaining practical experience.

e) Very much interested

f) Satisfied with me experience

g) Unsure

h) Not interested.