A career planning development questionnaire is a document containing set of questions that helps an individual to make decisions in regards to his career planning.  The questions in the questionnaire are designed in such a way so that the individual taking this questionnaire can find help as well as direction in choosing a career.

This questionnaire helps those individuals who are planning to choose a career but are confused regarding the career that would be appropriate for them. It helps in developing the planning process of the individual in choosing a career. The questionnaire also helps to highlight the strength, weakness and personality of the individual.

Sample Career Planning Development Questionnaire

Name: __________________

Age: ___________________

Gender: _________________

Residential address: ________

Contact number: ___________

1.  What kind of work interests you the most?

a)  Full time job

b)  Part time job

c)  Freelancing work

2.  What do you expect from the career you choose?

a)  Lots of money

b)  Job security

c)  Flexibility to do other work

d)  Less stress

3.  What kind of working environment do you prefer?

a)  Environment with friendly people

b)  Calm and peaceful environment

c)  Outdoor environment among nature

d)  Indoor environment

4.  How do you prefer working?

a)  With supervision

b)  Without any supervision at all

c)  In a team where individual responsibility is balanced

5.  What kind of person are you?

a)  Extrovert

b)  Reserved

c)  Introvert

d)  Loud and cheerful

6.  In which sector would you prefer working?

a)  Public sector

b)  Private sector

c)  Government sector

d)  Multinational organization

7.  What kind of field attracts you the most?

a)  Media jobs

b)  Marketing jobs

c)  Finance jobs

d)  Administrative jobs

e)  Recruitment jobs

8.  Do you want to work with a fixed deadline?

a)  No, I don’t want any work deadline

b)  Yes, I want a deadline