A career opportunities questionnaire is a document containing a set of questions that gives an idea about the career opportunities available in a particular field. The questions are related to the field that an individual wants to choose as his career and helps him to evaluate whether choosing that particular field will help him to achieve a successful career.

It helps the individual taking the questionnaire to identify the weak points existing in a certain career and accordingly make a career decision that will help him in future. This questionnaire benefits the individual planning to pursue a certain career.

Sample Career Opportunities Questionnaire

Name: ___________________

Residential address: Street address ______________ City name _______________ State __________ Post code ________________

Contact number: ______________

Email id: _____________

1. What is the field in which you are planning to pursue a career?


2. What kind of opportunity do you actually expect from the career that you want to pursue?


3. Are you sure that the field in which you want to pursue your career gives you the opportunities that you expect from your career path?

a) Yes, I am strongly sure

b) Yes, I am sure

c) I am somewhat sure

d) No, I am not sure at all

4. What is that aspect that attracts you to the particular field in which you want to pursue your career?


5. According to you what are the positives of pursuing a career in this field?


6. According to you what are the negatives of pursuing a career in this field?


7. Is there any other field in which you would like to look for career opportunities?

a) Yes, I may

b) I am not sure

c) No, I would not

8. If the answer to the above question is yes, what is the other field?