A career objectives questionnaire is a document that helps to understand the objectives of a particular field or job position in which a candidate may want to make a career. It also helps the employer in understanding where the individual wants to see himself few years down the line. The questionnaire benefits an individual who is seeking a specific career.

Sample Career Objectives Questionnaire

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1. What is your career objective?


2. Are you aware about the factors that can motivate you in order to excel at workplace?

a) Yes, I am aware of

b) No, I am not aware

3. Can you identify the skills and abilities possessed by you?

a) Yes, I can

b) I can somewhat identify

c) No, I cannot

4. Do you have three major achievements that spell out an outline of abilities relevant to your career?

a) Yes, I have three achievements

b) I have two such achievements

c) I have one such achievement

d) No, I have no major achievements

5. Do you agree that you have a well defined career objective that focuses on the aspect of job search?

a) Strong agree

b) Agree

c) Somewhat agree

d) Disagree

6. Do you know what are you career plans during the next two years?

a) Yes, I know

b) No, I don’t know

7. Do you feel that you have the ability to explain the employers what you can do well and also enjoy doing?

a) Yes, I can explain

b) No, I would not be able to explain

8. Can you explain why do you feel that recruiters should hire you?


9. Where do you see yourself five years down the line?


10. What all efforts do you make so as to keep yourself updated in your field of work?