Finding the right career is very important especially with the unemployment rate on the increase everywhere. A career finder questionnaire is used to find information that helps one in finding the right career for them. A career finder questionnaire asks respondents questions whose answers can be used to help them find the right career and avoid making mistakes when it comes to career choice. Career finder questionnaires are given to people just about to make choices about their careers for example high school graduates just about to choose subjects that might affect their careers in the future. Below is an example;

Career Finder Questionnaire


First name                        Middle name                   Last name

______________           _______________            _____________


Below 18 _____

18-24       _____

24-45        _____

Above 45   _____

What is your current employment status?

Permanent employment _______     Part time employment    _________     Unemployed   _______      Self employment   _______   Student _______

If you are currently employed, answer the following questions;

a.Do you love your work?

b.What part of your work do you find most interesting?


Education level

High school graduate   __________

Graduate   ________

Post graduate ______

Other    ______

Where would you love to work?

  1. i.      With government  _____
  2. ii.      In the private sector  ______
  3. iii.      In self employment    ______

How would you describe yourself?

  1. i.      Outgoing  _____
  2. ii.      Creative   _____
  3. iii.      Analytical  ____
  4. iv.      Shy     _____
  5. v.      Reserved   _____

In what environment would you love to work?

  1. i.      Outdoors where I can interact with nature   _______
  2. ii.      In a quiet office alone   ________
  3. iii.      In a busy place with interesting people   _______
  4. iv.      In a lab _______

What do you prefer working with?

  1. i.      People  ______
  2. ii.      Things    ______
  3. iii.      Information  ______