A career entry program is an on the job training for a certain career and when an individual is aspiring to apply for a career entry program he needs to fill up a questionnaire referred to as a career entry program questionnaire. The questionnaire contains a set of questions that helps to assess the candidate’s interest in that particular career and whether he is actually suitable for getting selected for the particular career.

Majority of the times the candidate does not have any prior experience in the field and thus the questions in the questionnaire should be based on the interests and general qualities of the candidate. The career entry program questionnaire is drafted by the recruitment company conducting the program. A sample of the questionnaire is given below for reference.

Sample Career Entry Program Questionnaire

Name of candidate: _____________

Correspondence address: ______________

Day time contact number: ______________

Mobile phone number: ________________

Email id: ____________

1.  How did you get to know about the career entry program?

a)  Through online advertisement

b)  A friend recommended

c)  Other (please specify): ____________

2.  What is your educational qualification?


3.  What is the reason for making this particular career entry program?

a)  Demand in the industry

b)  Good salary

c)  Excellent growth prospect

d)  Was always interested in this career

e)  Others (please specify): ___________

4.  What makes you feel that you should be selected for this particular career entry program?


5.  Do you consider yourself to be a fast learner, with ability to pick up things fast on the job?

a)  Yes, I am a fast learner

b)  No, I am a slow learner

6.  Do you have the ability to work in a challenging work environment with strict deadlines?

a)  Yes, I have the ability

b)  No, I don’t have the ability