Career counselor questionnaire is a document used by a counselor in order to guide an individual in choosing the right career path. An individual who is confused about the career path that would be appropriate for him usually approaches a career counselor for guidance and the counselor makes him take this questionnaire.

The questionnaire benefits the counselor by giving an idea about the preferences and career choice of the individual seeking his help. With this idea he is able to clearly guide the individual. These types of questionnaires contain questions related to the qualifications, skill sets and capabilities of the candidate.

Sample Career Counselor Questionnaire

Name: ___________________

Residential address: ________________

Contact number: ______________

Email id: _____________

1. What is your educational qualification?

a) High school

b) Graduate

c) Masters degree

d) Others (please specify): _________

2. What kind of career choice are you looking forward to?

a) That gives me good money

b) That gives me growth prospect

c) A career that has market demand

3. Do you want to work in a challenging work environment?

a) Yes, I want a challenging work environment

b) No, I want a stress free work environment

4. Do you give priority to personal values in choosing a career path?


5. Are you fine with working in a career where you may have to travel regularly?

a) Yes, I am fine

b) No, I am not

6. According to you what are the abilities possessed by you that will help you to be successful in your career?


7.  What is the salary range you expect from the career that you want to pursue?

a) Less than five thousand dollars per month

b) More than  five thousand dollars per month

c) More than  ten thousand dollars per month

8. Do you have any particular career choice and if yes what is it?