Career advice questionnaire is a set of questions which are designed to analyze an individual’s career preferences, skill set, overall aptitude and soft skills. It is usually done by career councilors to help people make better career choices by informing them about the various possibilities of livelihood. The information about various jobs, openings, demands and right courses are available with the councilors themselves. Career advice questionnaire may also be done by job sites, recruitment agencies and companies.

Career Advice Questionnaire Sample

Name:              ________________________________________________________________

Age:          ___________________        Gender:     ______________________

Qualifications: ________________________________________________________________

Grades / Semester Aggregates:-

  1. In what fields would you like to work as a professional?
  1. What are the reasons that make you look for a career in this field?
  1. Please rank the following factors in the order, in which they appear important to you e.g. if you feel “Pay scale” is most important, then write “1” against it.

a)    Job satisfaction           __________________________

b)    Pay scale / remuneration      __________________________

c)     Career growth                     __________________________

d)    Enough time for recreation/vacation       ____________________

e)    Job security                        __________________________

  1. Did you have any vocational training/ short course before? If yes tell us about your experience?


  1. How much annual package do you expect? What is the minimum remuneration you are willing to accept at the start of your career?


  1. Do you prefer working in a team or working individually?
  1. Do you believe in the philosophy “work hard, party harder”?
  1. Are you willing to work extra hours/ holidays/ weekends if that brings you extra allowances?
  1. What is the best personality trait you think would help in your career?
  1. What is the personality trait you think hinders your career growth?
  1. Your top 3 soft skills

a)    __________________________________________________________________

b)    __________________________________________________________________

c)     __________________________________________________________________