Capacity panning questionnaire plays an important role in IT field and help to understand the capacity of hardware configuration used for data allocation. Data schema, data collection and performance are the main work frames to design a capacity planning questionnaire. To fulfil such a questionnaire, one should have the technical knowledge of hardware terms.

Sample Capacity Planning Questionnaire:

Name of the department: ____________________

Head of the department: _____________________

Name of the project in charge engineer: ___________________

Date of questionnaire: ___/____/___

Q1: What is the exact requirement of the hardware for the capacity planning?

  • For the administrative computer machines
  • Server machines
  • Ordinary computer machine
  • If others, please mention: ______________

Q2: Choose the key factor on which the hardware design should be based in capacity planning?

  • To handle large work load
  • To support the graphic requirements
  • To enhance the speed of the computer
  • To access the internet at a faster rate
  • Enhance the storage speed

Q3: How many memory attribute categories are required in capacity planning? Define each by using a number of rows and columns?


Q4: Define the ratios of unique values needed to be inserted for the hardware design?


Q5: What is the average and maximum rows & columns are required to design a segment of the hardware for the capacity planning?


Q6: Give the ratio of the exact number of segments to be used as a resource in the capacity planning?


Q7: Which of the following mentioned would be the best result of this capacity planning program after achieving the desired hardware configuration?

  • Speed and storage memory will be improved
  • All important programs can be done in multitasking segment
  • Performance will be better
  • All of the above